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Robert "Bobby" Drake

Iceman // X-Men

Robert "Bobby" Drake // Iceman
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Bobby Drake
Name: Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake
Codename: Iceman
Occupation: Member of the X-Men, Accountant
Marital Status: Single
Birthplace: Port Washington, Long Island, New York

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Color of Hair: Blond
Color of eyes: Blue
Bobby Drake discovered his mutant power to create ice while in his early teens, yet kept his condition hidden from everyone but his parents. Initially, Bobby was unable to stop feeling cold and shivering, but soon managed to keep it under control. When a bully named Rocky Beasely and his friends attacked Bobby and his then-girlfriend, Judy Harmon, the youngster panicked. To save Harmon, Bobby temporarily encased Rocky in ice, thus revealing his abilities for all to see. Believing the boy to be a menace, the townspeople organized a lynch mob. They broke into Bobby's home and overpowered him, but the local sheriff took the teenager into custody for his own protection. Meanwhile, the situation had come to the attention of Professor Charles Xavier, the telepathic mentor of the team of teenage mutant super heroes the X-Men.

Professor X dispatched his first X-Man, Cyclops, to contact Bobby. Cyclops stole into the jailhouse as planned, but the two began fighting when Bobby refused to accompany him. Caught by the lynch mob, Cyclops and Bobby were about to be hanged when they broke free. Professor X used his mental powers to halt the townspeople in their tracks and erase their memories of Bobby's powers. A grateful Bobby then accepted Xavier's invitation to enroll at his School for Gifted Youngsters and took the codename Iceman. Though initially granting him a snow-like form, Bobby soon learned to increase his degree of cold control resulting in an ice-like, almost transparent form. Hated and feared by humanity, the X-Men honed their amazing abilities while standing in defense of a world pushed to the brink of genetic war by a handful of mutant terrorists. Iceman, the team's youngest founding member, became known as the comedian of the group. Regardless, he pulled his weight and worked well with rest of the team.

Shortly thereafter, Bobby confronted former Cosmonaut Mikhail Rasputin, the reality-warping mutant brother of Bobby’s steel-skinned teammate Colossus. Rasputin forced Bobby into a form composed entirely of ice, affording the young mutant a glimpse into his true nature. Subsequently, Bobby began experimenting with his abilities - using ice to add mass to his slight frame, or lift himself high into the air without the benefit of his usual slides. Months later, the psychically incapacitated mutant telepath Emma Frost took mental possession of Bobby's body. Frost was able to activate the full extent of his powers, using his powers in ways Bobby had not thought possible until she was coaxed back into her own body by Professor X. With Frost's prodding, Iceman later learned to completely transform his body into its full ice state on his own. Frost later also showed Bobby that he could safely revert back to his human form after his ice form's chest had been shattered in battle.

Following a short break-up after believing their mentor was dead, the X-Men reformed with two new members - the magnetism-manipulating Polaris and the plasma-charged Havok. Bobby had a brief romantic relationship with Polaris until she realized that her heart belonged to Havok. Bobby had trouble accepting her decision, which led to increased tension between himself and Havok. Eventually, Bobby quit the team for a short time to sort out his feelings and to spend more time with his father who had been injured by the grass roots anti-mutant movement the Friends of Humanity.

Iceman is able to lower his external and internal body temperature without harm to himself, thereby radiating intense cold from his body. Iceman is able to reach -105 degrees Fahrenheit within a few seconds, and is immune to sub-zero temperatures around him. In addition, Iceman can freeze any moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice, and thereby form simple objects such as slides, ladders, shields, and bats. Iceman can also augment his ice form with extraneous moisture to enhance his strength and durability, and can reshape his body's ice form at will by using any available moisture from his surrounding environment. Similarly, Iceman can rebuild his ice form if any part of it is broken or if it is shattered completely without suffering any permanent damage.

Previously, Iceman was able to transform his body into solid ice and back to human form at will. For a time, however, his body was permanently transformed into solid ice as a result of a secondary mutation. After M-day, Iceman appeared to have lost his powers, returing to human form. However, this was revealed by Emma Frost as a mental block, and Iceman later regained his powers, along with the ability to change from human to ice form. Iceman also possesses the potential to transport himself quickly over great distances through nearby flows of water by merging his body’s molecules with those of the stream.

All info is taken from the offical Iceman profile @ marvel.com
[VERSE] NOIREDELUXURE @ noiredeluxure
This verse was originally created and conceived by and for Gambit and Rogue, to explore their canon ship in muse form (see their profiles for further details). It has since expanded with other X-muses to create a world mostly based on movie canon. It is predominently movieverse, with some comic background. Bobby is a part of their world at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and this is his only verse based on his background outlined above.

In this world, following his teenage romance with Rogue when they both joined the X-Men and arrived at Xavier's, Bobby realised that although he still had an affection for her, Rogue's heart belonged to someone else and they both agreed to go their separate ways, parting amicably and remaining friends. Shortly after, Bobby struck up a romance with other fellow X-Men member, Polaris. However, in a strange repeat of his relationship with Rogue, Bobby soon learnt that Polaris was in love with someone else, namely Havok. Going through this sort of emotional rollercoaster a second time, Bobby decided he needed a fresh start and left the X-Men to try and live a normal life and sort out his feelings well away from anything to do with mutants. He attended college and soon graduated with a degree in Accountancy, and although he managed to forge a relatively normal life, he also soon came to the conclusion that it was a boring one.

Following an offer from Storm and Logan, which revealed that Polaris and Havok were no longer part of the team, Bobby's decision to return to Xavier's and the X-Men seemed to come easy, however he is unsure if it's really what he wants. Time will tell if he sticks it out or comes to the conclusion that he prefers flying under the mutant radar.

In this verse, Bobby shares his X-Men world with fellow muses @ noiredeluxure. Please see the community profile for more info on the verse and it's members.

I am not Bobby Drake or Iceman. He belongs to the brilliant mind of Stan Lee. He is X-Men movieverse (with some comic background) designed to fit in with Singer's X-Men movies. I am not Mike Vogel, Bobby's PB, he belongs to himself. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made.

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